Monday, September 16, 2013

"Something Big Is Happening"

This past Tuesday, we did not go to Windemere, the care center where we volunteer to help, because we went to an Interfaith Council instead!  Today they learned about how to use Facebook in their ministry. It was really awesome.  I wish we had permission to start using Facebook as missionaries. However, President is still trying to figure out a way for missionaries to use it without abusing it.  It made me excited to use it for the work of the Lord, though, when ever I get the chance!  We also made some really good connections with other churches and were set up with the Island Food Pantry when they start in mid-October.
   We then did a lot of waiting for the bus because the buses in Up Island only run every hour.  That night we had a dinner with the Browns [President Brown is the Branch President], which is always fun. They told us that they were setting up a thank-you dinner with their friends that helped them move and they would like us there. Yes!  
   Wednesday, we had a lesson with Dan!!!!  It was incredible and amazing.  We taught the Plan of Salvation because we felt like that is what he needed to be the first lesson.  And were we right!  At the very beginning he had questions about being sealed to his family and how that would work if they weren't members... (this stemmed from the theme of last Sunday being families and eternal families.) It was so awesome.  He accepted a baptismal invite but not the date we asked about.  I knew it was a little soon, the 28th, but both Sister Klecker and I were hopeful to have a baptism before I left.  The Lord is working within Dan and he told us he would like to KNOW before baptism so it wasn't just something he was doing to do. I know with my heart that if he continues to do the things that he is doing and we can continue to have amazing lessons with him he will be ready by the end of October.  He is another step closer to returning to our dear Heavenly Father.
   Thursday, we went walking around a cemetery with Sister Bilodeau to take pictures of gravestones to upload through an app to Billion Graves [].  It's a cool website for family history and actually mapping graveyards.  A really awesome thing for historians and genealogy folk.  Yes, I willing, once again, went to a graveyard.  We actually cut through one quite frequently when we are in Tisbury.  They aren't as creepy as the ones on the West coast.  haha.
   Then we helped out at the Food Pantry putting food away for when they open in mid-October. We then stopped by the home of a less active to drop off a manual because he is trying to come back. It was a good way to end the day.
   Friday we had our District meeting!  We video chatted this week, using the Brown’s computer. [Attending District Meeting in person requires a trip off Island & takes almost a full day of travel]. The Zone Leaders gave grief because we weren't there. They said something along the lines of "The Elders came every week!"  Then Sister Brown called from the other room, "That's because the Sisters are more productive!"  It was hilarious.
   After District meeting we helped Sister Brown bring up boxes from the basement so she could sort through for a tag sale.  
   On Sunday, I was part of a really awesome Sacrament meeting.  President Brown asked about 6 different members to stand and give their testimony of the Book of Mormon and he also asked me to do it.  It was incredible to hear the different testimonies.  Truly amazing.
   After Church we helped Betsy, from Windemere, move.  It was originally supposed to be on Saturday but the truck fell through so it was changed to Sunday.  It was a really good contact.
   Then we went on splits. Both of us had really good experiences.
   I cannot deny that this is the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Work of Salvation is hastening.  Something big is happening. Will we continue to be a part of it?