Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Receiving the Call

I was told that I would have to wait at least a week and two days after I had turned in my papers for my call to come.  It was easy for the first week to ignore the fact that my life was hanging on receiving this call because it was a. finals week, b. I was getting ready for graduation, c. packing and cleaning of the apartment, and d.  boy drama/awesomeness.  It was the next four days that killed me.  Tuesday came and I tried to forget that this was the day that my call was supposed to come.  It didn't go so well.  My stomach was in knots the whole day, they didn't go away after I checked the mail either.  My call wasn't there.  It didn't come Wednesday either.
Wednesday night I gave up on my call coming that week, it was easier than waiting each and every day.  That night I prayed, and prayed, and prayed.  Mostly how I would serve anywhere in the world the Lord wanted me to.  It was one of the best nights of prayer I have ever had.
Thursday morning I drifted in and out of sleep to the ringing of the phone (Mum was out on errands).  Then Mum burst into my room telling me to get up.  I must have groaned or something because she said something to the effect of "That was Brother Van Houton on the phone.  He's been calling all morning.  He's on his way over!"
Background:  Brother VH works in the Postal Office and if you warn him about the call coming, he keeps an eye out for it and delivers it.
I jumped out of bed, ran out to the kitchen/living room excited as all get out.  I even was running around in circles for a bit.  I quickly got dressed and waited anxiously by the door.  Brother VH dropped off the envelope and I resisted the urge to rip it open.  It was delivered around 10, and phone calls were quickly made to arrange a time to open it up.  We decided on 5 o'clock sharp.   We decided on 5 so my sister, her husband and family, my da, two of my close friends, and my neighbor could be there.  My other sister would be joining us by Skype, Llama would be on the phone.
The other phone calls were to Llama, she was super excited and may have hung up on her sister to answer my phone call.  I cleared it with her that we'd open the call around 5 and I would call her.
I then called Beauty (nicknames are hard to come up with, specially when their already nicknames would take a lot of explaining to use them... I'm trying to think of a less generic one...), who Llama hung up on to explain why.  Her reaction was pretty great.  I think the conversation when something like this.
"So there's a reason why Llama hung up"
"Oh reaaaally."  I think she was expecting an engagement
"I have a white envelope sitting in my living room and I would like you to be here when I open it."
"Wait, what?  What? When did this happen?"
I was laughing so hard while I explained what had happened.  Sadly she wasn't able to come.
Then I phoned Love and she was super excited as well.
And I called Georgia Boy.  He was going out to be with friends at the time but he wanted to know as soon as I would want to call him.

The next 7 hours were torture, with the envelope sitting in the Christmas tree.  I showered, I dressed, I got all gussied up.  I was ready by 11.  I tried to distract myself and it kinda worked.  But all day I was trying to convince myself that i was going to Russia and that was okay.  (Russia and I would not get along, too cold, way too hard of a language and too many stories).  I even tried to peak at my call.  All I got was a peak at a map that I couldn't decide if it was Europe or South America.  It was a very small not detailed peak at this map.  I then continued my mantra of "It's Russia, and that's okay.  The Lord wants me there."  over and over.
5 finally came around. Finally!  Everyone was there, except for Kwistin.  She was running late.  While waiting for her I got a text from Georgia Boy asking if I'd opened it yet.  I think he was as nervous as I was.
Kwistin finally arrived and we got right to it.  I got Klah , my sisiter, on skype.  Llama and Georgia Boy were on the phone along with my Aunt.
I was so nervous I had a hard time opening the stinkin envelope.  I finally got it open and I started to read.  As I read Massachusetts Boston Mission, relief flooded through me and extreme excitement.  I've wanted to live in Boston for a few years now, not to mention it wasn't Russia!! Plus I know it's where I'm most needed.
I promised Llama, Klah, and Georgia Boy I would call them back soon and just sat and talked with those who were there for a while.  Then the phone calls started.  I honestly don't think I've ever used the phone so much, not even working as a Secretary in Human Resources. 
There were so many people to call, it was crazy.  But it was so much fun.  Everyone was so excited.  It added to the experience, this being the first mission call opening that I remember being a part of it.
That night I skipped around singing "I'm going to Boston.  I'm going to Boston!"
Opening the envelope
Reading the call

It's Boston!!!
Talking with Llama and Georgia Boy
Oh and it turned out the small section of a map I saw?  It was on the front cover of the booklet they send out to all missionaries, and it was of the whole world.  Oops. 
Reading the Packet. You can kinda see the Map
I finally know!!!

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