Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A few Milestones

So a week and some odd days ago, I gave my farewell talk (it can be read in the post below this one).  I had dreaded this moment since I turned in my papers.  Why? Because I get intense stage fright.  The first time I spoke in Sacrament meeting when I was 12 I got hives.  That's how nervous I was.  In each subsequent talk I've mostly cried through the talks.  This time however was much better, yes I still cried at parts but I think it was mostly because I realized that this was really happening.  I'm really going on a mission.  But overall the talk went swimmingly, I think mostly it was because the Spirit was helping me out a lot.
A lot of people turned up for the farewell too.  My Poopah and his wife showed up, along with my wonderful aunt.   A lot of friends came, some who I  haven't seen in a long time.  Of course my immediate family was their with their husbands and kids.  (Okay Klah's husband wasn't because he was flying in later that week but close enough).  And family from my Mum's side that I don't get to see a lot were there.  Oh and my wonderful Uncle Jean Luke!  Okay that's not really his name but we call him that because he looks a lot like Patrick Stuart and we were really big Star Trek fans. Georgia Boy was there too.  It didn't hit me until after he left that this was the last time I would see him for 18 months, possibly forever....
Anywho.  The day went really great.  I got a lot of wonderful advice from those around me and from those in my ward.  It was amazing to feel the love that everyone was sharing with me, last week and this week.
I go into the MTC tomorrow.  I have everything I need.  I still have to pack it though and say final goodbyes, most were said on Sunday and yesterday.  I get set apart for my mission tonight.   I'm excited/scared/happy/nervous.  I can't wait to start this next adventure though.  In conversations with my friend Jaime, she's waiting for her call as I write, I've grown more and more excited for a mission, and become more confident that I can do this.  I'm doing it for all sorts of reasons, but I know as I focus on doing what the Lord wants me to do, this will be the best experience I'll have. 
So the next time you hear from me I'll be a full blown missionary who has actually started down the path of this new adventure!! 
Just remember: dearelder.com is you're best friend when writing to missionaries *coughmecough*. 
I'll see all y'all at the end of September in 2013!

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  1. Best of luck, Sister Kanani!! I'm hoping I run into some Saturday before you run off to Boston:)


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