Monday, April 29, 2013

First Week in Boston

What a crazy time the past couple of days have been!  

I thought I was going to be living at the Brighton apartment for a week or so before moving to a new one, however the we moved the day I got here. Thankfully the ZLs have a car and were helping us out.

We went on splits that night because we had a dinner appointment from the Charles River Ward and one from Longfellow Park 1 Ward.  I went with Sister Preszler to the LP1 and had fun getting to know the RS president. Before this transfer and the combining of Ward assignments, the Sisters had been assigned to the University & CR Wards so they don't know the LP Wards at all. So Sister Preszler was in the dark just as much as I was. 

Public transportation isn't that bad.  It's a lot of fun actually.  I just have a lot of memorizing to do so I can keep up with everyone else.

Friday we had District meeting. Since the Districts are so close here in Boston, District lunch turns into Zone lunch.  Sister Garcia is in my Zone so thankfully I was able to talk with her and have a conversation with someone I know.

Saturday we had a cleanup project.  I got to know some of the other missionaries a little more so that was good.
For dinner we went to Random House, which is an MIT dorm, and had dinner with two girls from the University Ward
Sunday was chaos.  So many meetings and things. We are at Church all day.  Not to mention we are constantly running around because there are other meetings we are supposed to be at during other Wards’ meeting times.  LIke at 12:30 we have 3 meetings we are supposed to be at.  We left the apartment at 8 am and didn't get back until after 9 pm because of a musical fireside that Sister Jordan was a part of over in Weston.  It was crazy running around. I don't know anyone and the Sisters only know half the people.  Luckily there are a pair of Elders in University, a pair of Elders in CRW and a pair of Elders over the LP wards.  So they helped us out.  

Random facts: 
Sister Jordan has been a backup singer for Gladys Knight. She is a great singer.
Ben Affleck owns a home across from the chapel where we meet.
The University Ward covers 50 universities and colleges in Boston.

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