Monday, May 13, 2013

A Week in the Missionary Life of Sister K.

Monday night we were able to have a lesson with a wonderful young woman who has been investigating the Church for about 3 years now.  She hasn't met with missionaries for quite some time but she came up to Sister Jordan on Sunday and asked to meet with us.  So we did.  She is really just working on coming to know that there is a God and what that means.  So far she's gone from no God to there's a source of light and love but not so sure that's God.  So we are working with her to help her learn that there is a God.  We had a really good discussion.

After the discussion, went home to prepare for the Belmont Sisters to come over.  We had exchanges!  Yay!

Tuesday, Sister Garcia and I went to a lesson with Sabrina to read the Book of Mormon with her while Sister Jordan and Sister Bauchanon when to a rehearsal for the musical fireside. Afterwards, Sister Garcia and I went back to the Belmont apartment to plan for our lessons.  We started planning with 3 appointments and by the end of planning all but one had cancelled. But that's okay, right?  Our lesson went well.
We went home for dinner and then tried to contact a less active and a potential.  Then just ended up walking around the Temple eating ice cream for half an hour.  It was a good night just to talk and get advice from someone who had to do the whole transition from out side the city to serving in the city too.

Wednesday, we met back up with the other sisters, debriefed about the experience and then went back to "normal" life.
That day we had a lesson with Felicia, who is all ready to be baptized, and then said goodbye because she's moving to Texas for the summer.  We will contact the missionaries in Texas so they can keep teaching her and help her make covenants.

Thursday we went to another practice for the musical fireside. Travel time was at least an hour each way.
After that we headed to Quincy Market to meet up with Sister Stevens, her parents and her little sister.  It was really good to see her again and to finally be able to meet her parents.  We spent maybe an hour with them before all of us had to leave to make our dinner appointments.
Friday was District meeting, then more practicing for the musical fireside. 

Saturday we met with Audrey.  She opened up to us about some fears she had with joining the Church and we think we laid them to rest.  But we asked her to pray to know if God is really there. We will see where that leads us.

At 3 pm, the APs picked us and 2 other companionships up and we headed up to Nashua, New Hampshire to set up for the fireside. It was a good fireside. A combination between music and testimonies.  A few non- members were there so that's awesome.  

Sunday was as crazy as usual.  But we were able to Skype home for Mother’s Day, so it was a good day.  

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