Monday, November 12, 2012

Mormon Helping Hands

We learned that the whole Mission is going down to New Haven area Friday night through Sunday night to help clean up.  We are trying to juggle Bob's baptism and this amazing chance to serve.  But it will all work out in the Lord's way.  Cause the baptism has certainly been on God's time schedule.

November 9th: Friday
We had Ward Correlation early in the morning with Brother W. and then went to Sister R’s. She is a less active in the Groton Ward but we go see her because her husband is on a boat right now.  
We had a good time there and then ran some errands to get ready to go down to New Haven for the night so we could help with clean-up the next day.
And then we packed and headed to New Haven area.
We arrived at the Madison chapel and had a Mission Gathering.  Normally those are highly discouraged but because we were going to help out Mormon Helping Hands, President Packard got special permission for it.  It was amazing to have all but 4 missionaries from our mission there.  All of the Packards spoke and it was just amazing.  

Then Sister S. and I drove Sisters E. and H. to the Madison apartment and then drove to a Church member's house and stayed the night there.

November 10th: Saturday
We picked up the same Sisters at 6:20 AM and drove to the chapel to have a Mission breakfast and to find out where we were going to be assigned to work.  
We went to the Stake Center and were organized into groups and sent on our way.
We were stationed in Milton.  We helped scrub a basement so mold wouldn't grow, we helped a member pack up the things on their ground floor that weren't water damaged, and we helped take out insulation in a basement that had been flooded.  Did I mention it was a dirt floor basement so it was mud at this point?  We had great fun.  The houses neighboring that house had been washed out to sea, quite literally. The foundation and everything had been swept out during the storm.  There was nothing left of them.  And people now have sand yards instead of grass for about a hundred yards in from the beach.  It was a lot of fun to be able to help with the clean up.

We had to leave early to get back in time for Bob's baptism.

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