Monday, December 3, 2012

Janna & Bob

In October, Sister Kanani and Sister S. began to visit with Janna & Bob. Janna has been a member for 7 years and Bob has been "looking into it" [the Gospel and the Church] for that long. It was only recently that he really started to take a deep interest in it.  They have been teaching lessons to them both for a few weeks. He called the Sisters on Friday, 4 November and said he wanted to be baptized on Janna's birthday, which is November 11th.
Because of the whole Mission volunteering in the Mormon Helping Hands clean-up, this presented a bit of a scheduling challenge, however, it all worked out. The Sisters left the clean-up project early.

Sister Kanani's wrote: "We had to leave early to get back in time for Bob's baptism.  Which is the best one that I have had on my mission.  Everything went smoothly.  Bob was so touched by the Spirit.  There were lots of people there, a lot of non-members were there.  It was a good baptism."

There have been some great experiences with Bob since he was baptized in November. “Bob was ordained a Priest and invited us to be there for it. It's the second ordination that I have been a part of in my life so it was really special.” 

"Did I mention he just got a package from his step mom with his dad’s family history dating all the way back to the 1700s?  I love blessings of the Lord.  Someone in Bob's family is anxious for their work to get done!"

Bob also was able to go with his Stake to New York as a volunteer in the ongoing Mormon Helping Hands clean-up from Hurricane Sandy.

His family and friends have noticed the positive changes he has made and is making in his life. He has been discussing ways to be able to talk to his neighbor about the Gospel.

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