Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Transfers, Changes, & Growing in the Work

Transfers in November found Sister S. leaving for Boston and Sister Kanani staying in Waterford. It has taken some time to adjust to the changes that come with a new companion, not only for Sister Kanani, but also the members, the people at St. James, and the contacts. Sister C. has served her whole mission in the Boston area, which is often referred to as "the city." Areas where Sister Kanani has served is referred to as "the country." Sister C. came with a whole set of great ideas that she wanted to implement because it had worked for her in the YSA Wards where she served. This has led to some frustration for everyone since Family Wards are typically very different than YSA Wards, not only in the demographics, but also in the resources. Missions are a lot about changes and growing and this situation has plenty of opportunities for growing.

A few days before Thanksgiving, the Sisters helped Stephanie sand and paint the walls of her bedroom. Sister Kanani said that "it was a lot of fun and Stephanie shared that she has regained her testimony that this Church is the only true Church. Yay! Progression."

On P-day last week, "we went to the Submarine Base in Groton to go to the Nautilus submarine.  It was awesome.  It was even cooler to look across the fence to the Base and think that Grandpa was trained there.  Subs are tiny and I am glad that there are people who can serve on them, and that I don't have to."

A couple of experiences from this week:  

"We had dinner with the W's.  We had a lovely discussion on what their family needs and how they can start scripture study."

"On Saturday we went and helped rake some leaves for a member's neighbors.  It was a lot of fun.  Frustrating because Sister E. has never raked leaves before but good because service is always good and a lot of people saw us doing it and planted some seeds.  Then we helped out with the Community lunch that St. James puts on every 1st Saturday of the month to help out the people who don't have food.  There are some people there that I just want to take to the Church and teach.  They look so skittish and timid and scared.  I just want to teach the Gospel to them and help them have hope." 

"Then we meet people like Heidi that make me want to yell in frustration.
We were trying to contact a referral down in East Lyme, usually a pretty nice town, when we met this woman.  She seemed pretty nice and everything.  She made some off-comments like 'I didn't know Mormons could be stylish,' and 'I didn't know Mormons could wear perfume.'  Anyway we gave her our card with our number on it and as she walked away she yelled, 'I bet dollars to dimes you won't call me back!'  
'I'm pretty sure we will!'  I yelled. 
 'I bet you won't!  The least you could do is give me a ride!'  She was going to pick up her 13 year-old son.
'I'm sorry we can't give rides,' I yelled back, because she was a good 70 feet away.
'NOW YOU'RE GETTING IT!'  she yelled back ever so rudely.
Oh dear...
While we were trying to contact some members, we got a call from a CT number that we didn't have programmed.  I quieted it because I didn't want to deal with craziness at that point but when we got home we called her.  Sister E. put her speaker phone and, yes, Heidi was crazy.
She yelled at us for 30 minutes calling us liars and charlatans because we wouldn't go see her right then.  And that we didn't give her a ride, and because we had appointments and were trying to make one with her on Tuesday instead of right then.  'GOD DOESN'T MAKE APPOINTMENTS!'  And that we were trying to sell her something.  I think my favorite was 'Go take your paycheck and something-something(she didn't say anything bad, I just can't remember what she said).' 
'Ma'am, we actually volunteer to teach people about Christ.' I was talking by then.
'You VOLUNTEER to make God's appointments?  You're charlatans and liars.  You don't really care!'
'I'm sorry that you feel that way. I hope you have a blessed day and that Heavenly Father continues to bless you.'
'She hung up on you.' says Sister E."  

With the new influx of missionaries to the MTC, some of the transfer times are being adjusted in December. News arrived that transfers will be the week before Christmas instead of the week after. The wonderful family that have the apartment where the Sisters live is not happy about this. They have grown to love Sister Kanani and was looking forward to her being around for Christmas.

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