Monday, December 31, 2012

Hump Day

Friday, 28 December, was Hump Day!  Sweetie's daughter and granddaughter were in town so we didn't celebrate but I did clean out our shower drain... well tried to, it was quite the project.  Sweetie. finally had to come in with a plunger to clear it all out. Surprisingly plungers are amazing at that kinda thing.  Who knew?
Oh, the best part of Hump Day?  Zaria has a baptismal date!!  It's set for the 3rd of February.  We are slightly concerned that she and Eric won't stop playing house until they understand and commit to living the law of chastity.  And, I got to talk with Sister S. because she had a huge part in starting to teach Zaria.  

Saturday morning we went and cleaned up a less active's front yard before the snow came.  And boy, are we glad that we did!  We got over 8 inches that night!  All missionaries in Connecticut were told not to drive around after 4 pm because of the roads being crazy.  Pops still took us out to Chili's to celebrate Hump Day though.  It was a fun time.

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