Monday, December 10, 2012

December - Week 2

Transfer notices are this week.  So far the P & S W's have voiced that I can't leave until after Christmas and the R & C W's are praying that I don't leave just yet.  Mind you, the next transfer is in 8 weeks. I don't know how I feel yet.  If I don't get transferred I might spend at least the next 12 after that here.  We were told on Thursday that all of the English Sisters will be training in February.  So there are at least 13 English Sisters coming out then.  
The irony in that:  I was just thinking that I can no longer serve anywhere longer than a year, unless I stay in Waterford.  Heavenly Father will probably keep me here just because I thought that.  lol.

Exciting happenings this week:

We went to church services at St. James. We were invited to the celebration of Father Michael's 15 years of ordination, so we went.  It was pretty interesting.  I had forgotten how different the services are. But the people we work with at the food pantry were really happy that we went.
The second thing that was exciting was that a few of the St. James people came to the Ward Christmas party!!!  It was really just a dinner with some lights for decorations, but they still came!!  Meaningful contact with the Church is what counts.

The third exciting thing was that Bob Austin went to the Temple to perform baptisms for the dead on Saturday!
It was just an amazing experience to be a part of.  Not to mention that Sister S. was there so it was even better =}  But Bob was just glowing with excitement and peace.  It was a wonderful experience.  

The Gospel is amazing and I love the joy that comes from living it.

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